Want Strong Legs? Try Doing These According To Science

Best Leg Exercises via EMG Research

Free Weight Exercise: Squat

Trainer Tips

  • Doing drop sets is great for improving the amount of weight someone is lifting with the Squat. This is where you reduce the weight by about 25 percent once muscular failure is reached, and then continue with your set.
  • Manipulate the rest time between sets to increase training intensity.
  • Try to increase reps — on occasion — from 8–12 (for hypertrophy training) to more in the 12–15 repetition range.
  • The deeper you go in a Squat, the more you activate your quads and glutes but beware of the knee joint.
  • The best angle is about 70-degree or thighs “roughly” just below parallel with the floor.

Machine-based Exercise: Hack Squat

Leg Focused Training Programs

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